Deadly road to new hospital

State MP Fiona Simpson has taken up the funding fight to fix a dangerous bottleneck leading to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital in Parliamentary Estimates hearings today.

Ms Simpson, the Member for Maroochydore and also the Shadow Minister for Main Roads, asked Minister Mark Bailey what his plan was to address the existing problem which she said would become worse once the hospital opened.

“There have been 57 hospitalisations, two deaths plus 48 additional cases requiring medical treatment and 99 incidents of property damage in the vicinity of the Mooloolah River interchange between the Sunshine Motorway and Nicklin Way in recent years,” Ms Simpson said.

“This is a dangerous bottleneck.

"How many more injuries and possible deaths will there be until there is a plan to fix it? That’s what I asked the Minister today.

"It is more than a bitter irony that the arterial road linking most Sunshine Coast residents to the hospital is itself dangerous.

“I don’t think he gets that roads to the hospital aren’t just the ones outside the front door but are part of a network and this is the biggest bottleneck.

"We are still awaiting an answer about the new Labor Government’s plan.”

Under the LNP, the previous Government had a plan to build a $440 million upgrade of the Mooloolah River Interchange.


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