Minister poo-hoos loo at popular Mt Coolum - Get behind petition to change his mind

Minister poo-hoos loo at popular Mt Coolum - Get behind petition to change his mind

Visitors to our much-loved Mt Coolum National Park will have a longer wait for the loo, thanks to National Parks Minister Dr Steven Miles.

Member for Maroochydore Fiona Simpson revealed today that the Minister had poo-hooed a request for a loo from local residents who have raised the urgent need for public toilet facilities to be provided at the entrance to Mt Coolum National Park to stop people using the park and their yards.

Ms Simpson said the Minister has responded that there are no commitments to build a toilet facility at this location because there is a public toilet at Birrahl Park, which is 1.8 kilometres from the Mt Coolum car park. 

Ms Simpson has called on the Minister to reconsider the request and has asked Queenslanders to join the
campaign to improve parking and provide toilet facilities for the thousands of visitors who enjoy our iconic tourist attraction.

To sign the e-petition please go to

“I am urging the Minister to reconsider this request and hear the concerns of the people,” said Ms Simpson.

“There is clearly a need for public toilet facilities here.  Local residents have complained about people going to the toilet in their gardens and in the National Park.

“Asking people to travel another 1.8 kilometres to the nearest public toilet after they’ve done a 2 hour return
trip to the summit clearly isn’t acceptable. Most people wouldn't even know where these distant toilets are and that's why they're using the National Park instead.

“I am asking both local residents and visitors to the area to sign the petition to make their views known to the

Ms Simpson said that the petition was in response to requests from local residents who had raised concerns about lack of toilet facilities and insufficient parking in the area.

Principal petitioner Graeme Chalmers said the petition has already received about 200 responses on-line and
596 signatures but we need more people to join the campaign before the petition closes on 10 October.

Ms Simpson said that there has been a significant increase in the number of visitors climbing Mt Coolum since the upgrade of the summit track in 2012.

“In 2012 we had an average of 5000 people per month to Mt Coolum and by 2014 that had increased to
over 10,000 per month.

“To join the campaign to see facilities improved in the area, you can go on-line and sign the e-petition, or sign the paper petition at the mobile juice and coffee cart in the visitors car park.”

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