LNP will build a better Sunshine Coast

LNP will build a better Sunshine Coast

The LNP has a comprehensive plan to build the infrastructure the Sunshine Coast needs Annastacia Palaszczuk has the wrong priorities and has taken the people of the Sunshine Coast for grantedOnly the LNP will Build a Better Queensland by building the roads, bridges and dams Queenslanders need. 

Only a Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government has a comprehensive plan for more jobs and delivering cheaper electricity for Sunshine Coast residents.  

LNP Leader Tim Nicholls said the LNP’s plan would generate 3215 local jobs across the Sunshine Coast.

“Labor isn’t interested in investing in regional infrastructure and they are certainly not interested in investing in
the infrastructure the Sunshine Coast needs,” Mr Nicholls said. 

“We will tackle rising electricity prices by saving families $780 over three years.” 

LNP Sunshine Coast MPs and candidates said a Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government would deliver the infrastructure the region needed after three years of a do-nothing Labor Government under Annastacia Palaszczuk 

“Our fully-funded infrastructure plan will deliver the $1.5 million Sugar Road/Mooloolaba Road intersection upgrade,” LNP Buderim candidate Brent Mickelberg said. 

“An LNP Government will also deliver the $600 million Sunshine Coast Rail Duplication and the $430 million Hospital Link Road,” LNP Kawana MP Jarrod Bleijie said. 

LNP Caloundra MP Mark McArdle said the LNP had a plan to make Queensland the leader in job creation and job security. 

“To drive our 500,000 jobs target and help small businesses employ more Queenslanders, the LNP is committed to increasing the payroll tax exemption threshold every year for the next decade,” Mr McArdle said.

 “This will mean thousands of small businesses will no longer have to pay this tax and thousands more will see a reduction in their payroll tax bill.”  

LNP Noosa MP Glen Elmes said the LNP would tackle Queensland’s youth job crisis, creating 20,000 jobs for young Queenslanders and boosting apprenticeship start-ups and completions.   

“Our four-point plan includes a $5,000 Queensland Apprenticeship incentive for small business, $500 Tools for Tradies vouchers, a $4,000 Job Start Incentive and discounts on Work Cover premiums for small business,” he said.  

LNP Glass House MP Andrew Powell said Queensland had the highest unemployment rate in mainland Australia under Annastacia Palaszczuk’s watch.  

“We don’t think it’s fair on the next generation of Queenslanders that under Labor our state is battling to be Australia’s jobless youth capital,” Mr Powell said.  

“It’s not good enough that full-time youth jobs have fallen by 15,000 and thousands more young people have given up looking for work under Labor.

“There have been 2,300 job losses on the Sunshine Coast in the last year, while more than 4,200 youth jobs have disappeared.”  

LNP Nicklin candidate Marty Hunt and Ninderry candidate Dan Purdie said voters had a clear choice – the LNP’s plan to create local jobs and deliver cheaper electricity or a do-nothing Labor Government.  

“A vote for any other party than the LNP is a vote for another three years of doing nothing and a Labor Government that will take Queensland backwards,” Mr Purdie said. 


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