Queensland backs call for federation review

The Prime Minister’s call for a fundamental review of the roles and responsibilities of state and federal governments has today been welcomed by Premier Campbell Newman.

Mr Newman said Queensland was ready to play a full part in the national debate on the future of federation.

"I welcome Prime Minister Abbott’s commitment to working with state governments to review the Federation,” Mr Newman said.

"We need to clearly define which levels of government should deliver education in schools and universities and health services in hospitals, as well as who should provide the roads, rail, ports, electricity and water supplies that are essential to our future prosperity.

"There are far too many areas where federal and state responsibilities overlap and create waste, duplication and confusion.

"We’ve reached a situation where funding for vital services – like health, education and housing – is provided only if the services are delivered as the Federal Government sees fit and only if states agree to complex, onerous and expensive administrative requirements.

"States must have untied access to a sustainable revenue base that is sufficient to deliver on their responsibilities.

"All Australians are the losers in this because billions of dollars are wasted on unnecessary bureaucracy.

"I also believe that getting out of each other’s way will not only mean more efficient government, but more accountable government.

"Right now there’s a window of opportunity to make real and positive change.

"The Queensland Government is keen to grasp this chance and will work constructively with Canberra and the other states to develop a new partnership and secure a brighter future for all Australians."


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