Anti-God police over-reach in State schools

Education Minister Kate Jones has given into the Anti-God Police by endorsing a radical policy to ban school children from talking about their faith at State schools.

"This is a huge over-reach by the Anti-God police. This new policy doesn't protect children, it makes them vulnerable to being punished by the school for simple acts of talking about their faith," Ms Simpson said.

"This anti-evangelism policy is so wide and vague it leaves children of different faiths vulnerable to accusations of breaching State Education policy for simply talking about their different beliefs.

"The reality is that in many countries which ban freedom of religion, those who are punished for evangelising have simply talked about their faith," Ms Simpson said.

"I've asked Minister Kate Jones to produce some examples of what is and isn't allowed but the text of their current policy is an extreme over-reach and puts a lot of power in the hands of a few to control the faith-life of children," Ms Simpson said.

"I'm still waiting for her response."


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